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Possibly from watching the movie Bambie at the age of 6, I have had a life-long awareness that saying ONLY nice things, does not make the world just or kind. Thus, my 2009 doctoral dissertation..."Talking Back to God" , is one of the main aspects of the work I do. Always interdisciplinary, seeking connections across borders that are usually marked with DO NOT ENTER, I seek to pay attention, pray, think, create,and imagine using biblical laments, Christian worship texts, and the ordinary stuff of everyday life.

What Easter Means to me, 2021

There is a rather long list of qualifications that belong here: I know that anything I say is incomplete, not enough… falls short, is not all there is etc. And that probably more than one person in our group will … Continue reading

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A Lament for Today Feb 13, 2021

for Harley “I find the difference between Black and White Evangelicals to be interesting. White Evangelicals tend to think in catastrophic terms when they think about Biden. Less so for Black Evangelicals. Indeed, the White-Black differences stand out in many ways. I … Continue reading

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Advent 3B Prayers

OPENING PRAYER: Hymn #69 Carol Christopher Drake, (b. 1933), alt. 1. What is the crying at Jordan? Who hears, O God, the prophecy? Dark is the season, dark our hearts and shut to mystery. 2. Who then shall stir in … Continue reading

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Advent… waiting for hope

Transformed rather than overwhelmed by grief, fear, and anger
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Reflections on the 2nd Sunday of Advent 2020 —

Reading to Survive Advent 2B Isaiah 40:1-11  •  Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13  •  2 Peter 3:8-15a   •  Mark 1:1-8 Advent is much more than a time of getting ready for Christmas. In a way, Advent isn’t  about Christmas (the 1st coming), so much as … Continue reading

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Praying our Disappointments – Lament

Praying our Disappointments — Lament Lament is talking back to God from out of our distress and intimate trust that God is willing to hear us at our worst yet stay with us through all things. While it might seem … Continue reading

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Christmas Cards?

A Christmas Collage, on the 7th Day of Christmas There are still in this year almost gone, 2019, Christmas and “Seasonal” cards arriving at our mailbox. Fewer than in the past, but they still come each year beginning either before … Continue reading

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A “Completion” Poem

Indivisble mediatrix living questions of theodicy among Great Dichotomies of head, heart, and womb Holding conversations about young robins eaten alive by ravens, Kurds in the mud, crack babies, 50 inches of rain in Banglegesh, Ray, who has AIDS, the … Continue reading

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Let the mean people be terrible no more!

Get up God, don’t let the ungodly take over, let them hear of your outrage! Put fear into them, and make it clear that they too are merely mortal! Don’t stand off and hide in this time of trouble. When … Continue reading

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Why No Lunch?  

The Rev. Ray Aldred, Jan 4th 2018 Why No Lunch?       These comments are from the Musqueam web page. MUSQUEAM TRADITIONAL TERRITORY Musqueam ancestors have lived in the Fraser River estuary for thousands of years. Today, portions of Musqueam’s traditional … Continue reading

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